Linaé : découvrez nos 5 marques coup de cœur, made in France !

Linaé: Discover our 5 favorite French-made brands!

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Since the creation of Linaé in 2019, we have had the privilege of crossing paths with other Made in France makers, each more committed than the last. Today, we are delighted to highlight 5 favorite brands that have particularly impressed us with their determination and the quality of their products made in France.

Clever Beauty

Who is behind the brand?

I am Maëva, the founder of Clever Beauty. With a dual expertise as a chemist and product manager, I am first and foremost an optimistic, passionate, and committed entrepreneur. Marianne, our France-Export Sales Manager and partner, joined the adventure 5 years ago. A true warrior at heart, she has just completed the ascent of Kilimanjaro.

The brand in a few words

Clever Beauty is the high-performance natural makeup brand that cares for you and our planet. Founded in 2017 in Aix-en-Provence, our mission is to offer a healthy alternative in women's makeup routines. Our products tick all the boxes: natural and vegan formulas, innovative and eco-designed packaging, French manufacturing favoring short supply chains and social inclusion, all with professional quality

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Who is behind the brand?

The Elia adventure began to take shape in Marion's mind at the end of 2018. Her endometriosis has always complicated her choice of period protection. Her zero waste approach convinced her that something had to be done. Apolline joined her. As a young mother and organic enthusiast, she was passionate about healthy alternatives and the comfort of women during motherhood. Together, they created Elia: a brand committed to women's health.

The brand in a few words

Elia is THE French brand of menstrual lingerie with products manufactured in France and co-designed with healthcare professionals. Launched by two mothers with no resources other than the conviction that the rules need to be changed and the comfort and non-toxicity of intimate products need to be improved. From the beginning, Elia has supported research on endometriosis by donating a percentage of its profits.

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Who is behind the brand?

I am Violaine, a fervent advocate of the art of creation. My 18-year professional journey in the fashion industry has allowed me to fulfill my dream of becoming a stylist. Over the years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with various renowned brands, specializing in both lingerie and swimwear. My expertise has ranged from high-end luxury houses to brands accessible to the general public, offering me a diverse palette of creative universes. It is with this rich experience that I have decided to realize a project that is particularly close to my heart: the creation of the brand Imaé. Driven by values that are dear to me, I am implementing my commitment to responsible fashion.

The brand in a few words

Imaéswim is a women's swimwear brand that embodies the perfect combination of elegance, durability, and responsibility. Designed by Violaine with love in France, our swimsuits are made from Econyl® materials, a recycled and recyclable nylon fiber, including fishing nets collected from the oceans. Our products are of high quality, ethically and environmentally responsibly crafted in Nice. Each swimsuit is an invitation to feel beautiful while taking action for the preservation of our planet. Join us in our commitment to sustainable and responsible fashion with Imaéswim.

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Who is behind the brand?

After a career of over 20 years in operational leadership roles in the luxury packaging industry, and later as a board member of the prestigious Pochet group, Astrid Mauduit, at the age of 48, decided to create her dermo-cosmetic brand dedicated to children aged 4 to 11. Her aim was to spread the message, both in France and abroad, that taking care of children's skin is essential! By developing skincare routines with natural and vegan formulas, gentle and with incredible textures, children learn the right daily habits: cleansing and moisturizing! Everything has been designed so that children can use their products independently and responsibly, all in a fun and joyful way...

The brand in a few words

OUATE is a French brand of skincare products for children from birth to adolescence. Learning to take care of oneself should be a fundamental step in childhood, as this learning contributes to overall development and well-being. To achieve this, OUATE offers natural solutions tailored to children's skin from birth, combining the effectiveness of science with the enjoyment of the experience. OUATE accompanies parents and children hand in hand in learning essential care routines for childhood, because at each age, there are associated care needs.

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Thelma Rose

Who is behind the brand?

Stéphanie and Sidonie are two sisters. Both self-taught, they embarked on creating their first ready-to-wear brand in 2010 dedicated to pregnant women, De mois en moi, with the desire to offer a 'well-being garment.' The clothing acts as a second skin, capable of celebrating the pregnant woman's body, providing her with the freedom of maternity while flattering her femininity. The brand, ahead of its time, prioritizes made in France and eco-designed materials. It also emphasizes the importance of choosing maternity clothing wisely.

The brand in a few words

Thelma Rose is a collection where each piece transcends fashion to reveal a feminine and harmonious silhouette, offering you the luxury of daily comfort that makes you feel beautiful and well. The brand celebrates quality over quantity, with a subtle focus on offering fashion that is very conscious of current issues. The brand is 100% made in France. The selected materials are 'low impact,' natural, or innovative, certified and locally sourced.

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