Flaxseed oil, renowned for its essential fatty acids - Omega 3 with anti-inflammatory, healing, and soothing properties.

Linseed gel acts like a natural hyaluronic acid with super-hydrating and plumping properties.

98 to 100% natural origin
& up to 59% from organic

No estrogen-like endocrine disrupting effect

Certified 'Origine France Garantie'
To ensure French origin, quality, and traceability

Very low water consumption, linen is a precious ingredient for eco-friendly cosmetics.

Linaé Expertise

All our treatments are clinically tested and we submit each of our launches to the EMCDDA test (not obligatory in cosmetics), it has demonstrated that no Linaé treatment contains estrogenic-type endocrine disruptors.

Why are flaxseed extracts so effective?

Flaxseed oil is one of the vegetable oils richest in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), which is a type of omega-3, often used as a dietary supplement to reduce inflammation and improve skin health.

Linseed gel acts like a natural hyaluronic acid, providing intense hydration, a plumping effect, soothing irritation, and improving elasticity to the skin.

A French and eco-friendly culture

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